Activities & Events

Cultural Activities

Mentor’s Day

Every year Rama Navami is celebrated with great fervour and tradition

National Festivals

Every year Republic day and Independence Day are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Annual Day

Darpan, the annual fest is a mirror showcasing the talent of the students to put up a grand show. The team spirit among the teachers, students, non- teaching staff and parents is seen during this time. Parents too perform on the stage along with their children

Co-Curricular Activities


This exam is conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education for students of Standard V and VIII. The eligible students are guided and trained resulting in overwhelming results year after year.

Maharashtra Talent Search Examination (MTSE)

The main objective to launch Maharashtra Talent Search Examination is to identify and unearth hidden talent in the students by conducting written examinations and interviews for the students of classes VIII and X.

Homi Bhabha Balavaidnyanik Written Exam

This exam is conducted for Classes VI and IX students. This competition aims at arousing curiosity, problem solving attitude along with development of precision in observational and motor skills in young scientists. The eligible students are coached by our proficient teachers through extra classes.

Drawing Grade Exam

Drawing helps children explore their artistic abilities and gain valuable skills and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Our students of Standards VIII and IX participate in Maharashtra Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Grade exam respectively year after year securing 100% result. They are trained in school by professionally trained and experienced teachers.


Freshers’ & Farewell

This is a tradition carried out by the class XII students to welcome their juniors and the IX and XI class students to bid goodbye and wish their seniors, a great and bright future ahead.

Student Council Election

Xavier’s believes in initiating a peep into the practical world through its co-curricular activities. Students are exposed for the first time to the concept of leadership, the capabilities required and the election of leaders from amongst them. This enables them to get first-hand experience of election process through secret ballot where the students elect their respective house captains to represent Student Council.

Investiture Ceremony

The elected Student Council members are sworn in and take the oath of diligently carrying out the responsibilities expected of them and are adorned with their respective House badges.


Festivals like Navratri, X-mas, Onam etc. are celebrated with great fanfare. Family Day is organized to appreciate and acknowledge the contribution of the families of the school staff.


Staff & Students organized an unforgettable Children’s Funfair on 14th November. A remarkable display of teamwork and dedication was at display. Together they crafted an immersive and entertaining experience showcasing their exceptional organizational abilities.

Check-up Camps

Health, Eye and Dental check-up camps are conducted for students periodically. The school has a medical room with trained in house nurse and a counselor to conduct health /emotional assessments of students and provide health care services and support to students/staff

Social Programs

Social Awareness Programs are conducted like; donations are made for earthquake victims/ Flood Affected Areas