Facilities & Resources


We are very proud that we are a K-12 green school and have great infrastructure facilities which very few schools can boast of in Navi Mumbai. 

Exclusive Facilities for our Tiny Tots

  • Vibrant, colorful and aesthetically appealing classrooms with children friendly furniture for free movement
  • Carefully designed safe indoor play areas with many educational toys and equipment
  • Lush turf courts for open area activities and sports
  • Classroom library in every class to promote literacy and love for reading and encourage communicative skills
  • Celebration of Birthdays done by gifting a storybook to the class/school
  • Art &Crafts station for all art & craft supplies such as crayons, paints, markers etc.
  • Music and Movement to inculcate coordination and rhythm and music appreciation
  • Activity room for storytelling and puppet shows to kindle children’s imagination and love for stories

School Library

Xavier’s believes that Library is an integral part of the educational system. In order to enhance learning process we have a library with a massive collection of books. One of the notable features is that we have an extensive e-Library which offers a wealth of resources that can help students to improve their research skills, and boost their academic performance.


We have spacious, well maintained and equipped science and state of the art computer labs for the school as well as Junior College sections with a decent ratio of student to equipment.


Xavier’s has its own fleet of GPS equipped buses which follows all safety norms prescribed by the R.T.O. The drivers, lady conductors and cleaners are the permanent employees of the school ensuring the utmost safety of the children from the Pre Primary to High School.


We have soundproof and AC classrooms for Secondary and Higher Secondary enabling better focus, concentration and a conducive learning environment

Drawing Department

The Drawing Department is very creative and proficient in creating in house sets for our annual functions and theme based creative visuals

Music Room

The music room is well equipped and the school has its well accomplished choir and orchestra troupes which are very well trained and win accolades in various music competitions.

CCTV Surveillance

We have CCTV monitoring facilities with two-way audio channel installed in every classroom and bullet cameras installed at strategic locations in the school so that round the clock monitoring of students can be maintained for their safety and behavioral aspects and overall discipline


We follow complete monitoring of cleanliness as imbibing the value of personal hygiene in the students is of utmost importance. The school premises are kept spotlessly clean with round the clock housekeeping.

Water Coolers

Water coolers are installed in all the floors of the school building

Sports Infrastructure

A Sports Room with adequate sports equipment is available. Large sports grounds and turf courts are present for rigorous practice sessions

Human Resources

We have a fantastic team of dedicated, highly qualified, professionally trained and experienced teachers who are proficient in child-centric pedagogy.
An in-house Yoga /Gymnastics teacher is available to coach and train students for competitions at various levels.

Admin Resources

Section-wise Admin offices are provided for respective sections where the doubts and queries regarding any administrative matter can be resolved
We have a humble, modest and ready to offer service staff at the office desk

Shelter Zones

The area between the main gate and the school has been enclosed aesthetically and provided with fans to function as Shelter Zones. They provide safe and secured waiting area for students as well as parents and provide them relief from heat and rains