Our Philosophy

The Institute strongly believes and follows the spirit and tradition of the Guru-Shishya Parampara (Mentor-Student).  As a mark of respect for the great Guru, every year, Rama Navami is celebrated as Mentor’s Day.

This tradition has come a long way in shaping, supporting and motivating the students and helped them to imbibe the spirit of harmony, respect and appreciation for their fellow classmates.

Our Vision

Create resilient, resourceful and receptive citizens of India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to imbibe continuous cultivation of excellence in every child through a well-programmed school journey where children enter as tiny tots and leave as matured, young individuals rich in intellectual and emotional quotients. The metamorphosis from a shy and inhibited toddler to a confident adolescent is an extremely fulfilling expedition for both parents as well as the school.

Kind of education we impart

Academically rich standards of education are maintained and provided to students using modern techniques in cohesion with traditional teaching systems so as to ensure wholesome all round development in tandem with emotional quotients as well.  We can proudly boast of 100% results since the year of inception. Students are encouraged to achieve academic excellence along with honing of their special skills and talents, be it in Music, Dancing, Debates, Dramatics, Sports or Arts and Handicrafts. The school also imparts RSP (Road Safety Patrol) training for traffic regulation.

Xavier’s encourages its students to discover themselves and develop a passion. They are carefully nurtured to go after that passion and achieve their dreams. We support talent, academic or outside academia. The balance between technology and tradition is such that the students get their best not only in their classroom but outside it too.

Our Upcoming Project

Five Pronged Approach for Tapping the Best Within and Outside the Classroom

Lakshya - Catch them Young and Watch them Grow

An After School program for Standard I students where the young ones are well trained and coached by state and national level coaches for identifying the budding talents in Yoga, Football, Cricket, Hockey through workshops

Accelerator Program - Speed Matters

This Program is offered to students who excel academically and are ready for advanced course. The students are given an opportunity to work at an accelerated pace and tackle challenging course material

Enrichment Program - Vitamins Matter

A typically designed program to help students improve in the competencies of core subjects

Computer Literacy Training Program - Digital All the Way

This program is designed for the teachers of all Sections to guide the navigation of students through the digital world safely by IT professionals of Junior College

Gyanoday (Adult Education) - Age No Bar

This is an Adult Education program that supports academically weak children and their parents. This program provides parents with necessary tools and knowledge to effectively support their child’s education