Rules & Regulations

Admission Rules

  • Admissions will be made subject to the availability of seats subject to the availability of seats based on merit or as per the online admission procedure where applicable. No correspondence will be entertained regarding admissions
  • Parents or guardians are given to understand that the management has the sole discretion on what condition it may admit, retain or reject pupils in the school/College
  • Admissions are through proper channel only. No special reference or recommendation will be entertained
  • No fees will be refunded after admission
  • No donation will be accepted

Fee Rules

  • School fees will be charged for the Academic year starting from June to May.
  • The fee is to be paid on or before the 10th of every month.
  • Late fees of Rs.5/= (Five rupees) per day will be charged if the fees is paid after the 10th of every month.
  • The delay of payment beyond three months renders the pupil liable to be removed from the school.
  • No School Leaving Certificate will be issued unless all dues are paid.
  • If in consequence of no notice being given, a pupil’s name is transferred at the close of the month to the class register of the following month, the fees for that month will be due, whether the pupil actually attends the School or not.
  • Every Parent is a member of P.T.A. and the membership fees of Rs. 5/- is compulsory along with E-learning fees of Rs.450/- per term.

Bus Rules

  • Bus Fees has to be paid per Term. Bus fees for the First Term to be paid by 10th July and Second Term by 10th December respectively.
  • To ensure smooth operation of school bus facility, timely payment of school Bus fees is emphasized or late fees will be imposed on outstanding balance beyond designated due date.
  • The bus facility will stand cancelled in case of delay in payment of Bus fees beyond June for I Term and beyond December for II Term.
  • The school bus facility is available to students of pre-primary, primary and secondary sections and cannot be availed as a matter of right. The School Authorities at their own discretion have the right to disallow any pupil from availing the bus facility or cancel the bus services with prior notice depending on strength of students and the approach roads for the buses
  • Pupils availing bus facility will be provided with a bus, pick-up and alighting stop numbers. in the I-card. Generally the bus timings will operate 10 to 15 minutes before the pick-up and after the alighting time.
  • Any change in the bus timings will be notified through circulars to parents.
  • Pupils will have to board and alight at the respective stops.
  • Discipline will be maintained by pupils while travelling on the school bus. Any pupil found guilty of misconduct will not be allowed to avail the bus facility.
  • A pupil shall forfeit bus facility if involved in damage to the bus property. Besides, the damage done will have to be compensated by the pupil. Discontinuation of bus facility shall only be allowed term wise.
  • Bus facility cannot be discontinued for any particular month and the full fees for the term will be charged.
  • Pupils/parents will not have any altercation / physical fight with the bus staff.
  • Bus employees are not authorized to change/add bus stops.
  • Any suggestion/complaint is to be made to the Principal in writing.