Solar Panels

  • We are a green school as we have set up Tata Power solar panels which are a great source of renewable energy and environment friendly.

indoor Gymnasium

  • A state-of-the-art indoor gymnasium for staff as well as budding student sport enthusiasts.

filtration plant

  • A filtration plant is set up that provides filtered clean water to the entire school.

CCTV monitoring

  • We have two-way audio channel besides regular CCTV monitoring facilities installed in every classroom so that round the clock monitoring of students can be maintained for their safety and behavioral aspects and overall discipline.

Press Department

  • One of the most unique propositions of our school is the worksheet system which aims at reducing the physical load off the tender shoulders of the students. The worksheets are never repeated and are a result of well researched in-house efforts of a group of experts with the objective of making learning enjoyable, while developing the retentive, logical and analytical capabilities of the children. These tailor made worksheets are prepared in our own Digital Work Station and printed in our own in-house printing press.

NCC Training

  • Ours is the only school in Navi Mumbai which provides NCC for both Army and Navy wing training for grooming students into disciplined, responsible and patriotic citizens and RSP (Road Safety Patrol) training for traffic regulation.

Lush green turf courts

  • Lush green turf courts are an added attraction of the school