Bharat Ko Jano Quiz Competition

Bharat Ko Jano” is a popular quiz competition that tests participants’ knowledge about India. This competition is often organized by various cultural and educational organizations to promote awareness and understanding of India’s history, culture, geography, and current affairs. Participants, typically students, are asked a series of questions related to India, and they compete to answer them correctly.

“Bharat Ko Jano” translates to “Know India.” It’s a quiz competition designed to encourage participants to learn and explore various aspects of India, from its rich history to its diverse culture and current events. The competition aims to foster a deeper connection with India and promote a sense of national pride.

Questions were divided into different categories, such as History, Geography, Culture, Sports, Current Affairs, and more. Bharat ko jano competition was held on (08/10/2023). Our school (Jr group n Sr group) participated for the same. All together 12 schools participated in junior as well as senior category. Out of 12, 5 schools were selected and from that  our school got first prize in junior category and third prize in senior category.